Our main product is Comfrey (Simphytum Officinale) or Russian Comfrey as it†is more widely known.†This unique herb hails from Russia and has been known to man for the last + 2500 years.† Originally used by Monks, they discovered its UNIQUE healing properties amongst others its ability to heal cracked of broken bone.† A substance called Allantion, which is only found in Comfrey accelerates cell proliferation( stimulates cell growth) making it an excellent choice for also skin, hair and nails.


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Comfrey-Botanical Classification

Family Boraginaceae
Genus and Specie Symphytum officinale

Medicinal Indications

Mucilage and allantoin are the primary constituents in comfrey which are responsible for the herbs soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.Comfrey has a wide range of medicinal uses for both internal and external ailments. Its actions are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.

Comfrey is an anodyne (alleviates pain), astringent (constricts blood vessels), expectorant (expels mucous), emollient (used to soften body tissues including skin), haemostatic (helps blood clotting), proliferant (increases cells growth), refrigerant, mild sedative, and vulnerary (ability to heal injuries).
Dried comfrey leaves are especially popular when used in connection with internal disorders, such as lung ailments, and when used as an expectorant.

Comfrey acts as a natural laxative and the mucilage as a gum-based substance relieves diarrhea and also helps with the digestion of food, a great benefit to people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.
Reports indicate that comfrey is useful for individuals suffering from ulcers and diabetes. Mucilage created by comfrey delays the emptying of the stomach and reduces after-meal peaks of glucose and insulin. It also helps to remove cholesterol, and the high nutrient content helps people feel better.

Comfrey has for 100’s of years protected mankind with its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, that helps the body resist free radical damage, often encountered even at nursery and pre-school level.

Comfrey also have the ability to normalize blood pressure by clearing the veins and contains an anti inflammatory property that reduces swelling and combats ARTHRITIC and muscular pains. Due to its exceptionally high protein content +25% it provides an abundance of energy and is useful when convalescing or even during slimming.

Comfrey – Good for injuries to the eyeball, bones around the eyes, and other bones. Although you would need to see a doctor to have the fracture set, symphytum will relieve pain and promote rapid healing.
Eczema is a extremely common disease and is also very difficult to treat, due to a whole variety of possible causes. The most common being preservatives colorants, chocolates, nuts, wheat and tomatoes.
Contrary to current belief bacteria plays a major part and a clean dry towel as a must, care should also be taken when taking a shower or bath, as all soap products should be avoided and a shampoo should rather be used to cleans the body as it is less harsh and does not contain caustic soda.

Theron’s Comfrey Cream is very effective in the treatment of eczema as these conditions should also be approached through the bloodstream and for even better results should be used in conjunction with Theron’s Comfrey Wonder Tea that can be taken hot or cold.

The Comfrey Cream will definitely bring relief to the itching. Please feel free to contact us when you are ready to order. We are anxious to ATTEND to your problem.

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